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Christmas is here and musicians too!

It was a pleasure to perform in Helsinki Outlet Center on Saturday and at the same time it was the first Christmas gig of this year. The concept was a little bit different than usual. I was singing with a guitarist. The day started very early, already at 11.00 am. We had a very nice duo session in a cafe which was crowded with people. Many of them filmed us on their phones. I’m not always so enthusiastic about people having their own videos about the performances. Of course, we always give our full heart to playing and singing, but I am a control freak and sometimes it feels awkward to know that anyone can put the recordings on the internet. And to even do the gif for example me leaking water all over. Everything happens when it’s in real life – no matter if you are at home or having a great public singing session.  


Of course, the Internet is here to stay and it’s very useful and a necessary tool for every musician. For some people it comes naturally to post all the time and everything. I have had to learn to do it but found it very fun! I have got many gigs easily as everybody knows I’m active in music. And this shopping center gig was interesting to do. After we had played for two hours in the cafe it was planned that we would go to play inside the stores. 


Everyone was so surprised when we went inside and started playing and singing. We played without PA and walked through the store. It took about 3 minutes for each place and in the end, we wished a merry Christmas for all. I think that worked very well but I really must admit that it didn’t feel comfortable to do it in all the places. I think people were teased when we sang the Christmas carols between the lingerie. But we did what we were asked to do. I have to say that I like more to do my own music and concentrate on offering my own real feelings for the audience while they come to listen to us. But it was a new experience.  


It was a little hard for my voice also to sing without my microphone. I think there was a huge lack of great nuances when you had to make your voice be heard over the loads of fabric. Also, going in and out of the cold Finnish autumn weather and singing all the time made my voice tired. It was still fun to profile the different places like this is the “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -store” or this is the “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town -Store”. I’m still relieved we didn’t sing ’He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice…’ while walking next to bras. 


But the whole day was fun with good company. Every time I’m singing, I feel alive no matter what. Every gig we have, and we are asked to do, is an honor for us and telling us that we are needed and can give good vibes for people. And the schedule was also good. Saturday gigs do not so often end so early that you could go to sleep already at 8 o’clock in the evening instead of 8 o’clock in the morning. 

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