Guitar Lessons At KitaristiFi Tampere

Fix Years Of Wasted Guitar Practice Time

KitaristiFi presents:

6 Week Infinite Shred Machine Bootcamp

If you want to double your guitar speed OR break through speed plateaus, this Summer will be the time for you!

From 3rd July to 8th September you can join us for the:


If you want to double your guitar speed


(if you are already playing at a pretty fast level)

Guitar Player Stage Riff Forgery Band

Want to break through your speed plateaus

To make your playing feel easy and smooth at any tempo that you currently play at

And play at a speed you have thought impossible for you or a part of a far distant future

This Bootcamp is where we blast all those barriers to bits and pieces while we laugh into their faces!

And the best thing:

You can do all this AND go on your summer vacation without missing a thing!

All you have to do is pick the 6 out of 10 weeks that you want to attend, and then show up on those dates.

I will take care of the rest in the usual “Do what I say and you will be fine”-way.

This will take place starting on Friday, the 30th of June, at 17.00 o’clock and will continue every Friday from then until 1st of September.

When you signed up, you will be able to pick the 6 weeks which you want to attend in SuperSaaS.

You can decide the weeks anytime you want until 1 week before the start.

This can be you when joining this bootcamp:

Guitar Student Progress Case Study Kitaristi Tampere Kitaratunnit

(If you want to pay with a payment plan, talk to me directly. You can use the chat function for example)

Shred Machine
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You will get access to the Total Fretboard Control Training Sessions that will happen during June.

This Training Event will help you to:

  • find every note on the fretboard instantly
  • find the right position to solo in
  • never fishing for notes again,
  • play in any key you want

(Times will be organised in a way so that I can guarantee each and every participant can be a part of this)