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Fix Years Of Wasted Guitar Practice Time



If you played guitar for more than 1 year I will get you to...

Write a complete song from start to finish in 12 weeks

All you have to do is follow my directions and show up and have fun with all the new ideas I am going to show you.

Because then I will work together with you until the song is ready and recorded.

And if you want, you can brag about your song playing on the KitaristiFi Radio Station alongside with many other renowned artists. Let me know you are interested and I will let you know first:

Songwriting Project Early Birds:

SWP 2024

Check out Ville's song who never wrote a song before:

Bravo, Ville! Really awesome job. I’m proud of you!

I don’t know many people who have taken on a challenge like this, so early in their guitar playing journey AND produced a piece that accurate.

Listen to it and tell me you DON’T feel the mood of his song. I dare you.

Here are many more who took on the challenge and shined, simply because they persisted. Some more experienced, some less.

That is why I can confidently say: You and I together will make it happen. Period.

So what exactly is going to happen?

From beginning of June until the end of August… HOLD ON!

Don’t worry, times will be flexible, you don’t have to sacrifice your vacation!

…we will spend some time together each week, 2 hours to be precise, during which I give you a head-first dive into the most common pitfalls that songwriters even at a professional level fall into, AND how to never have to worry about it.

It’s exactly this trap, that prevents musicians from turning their ideas into finished pieces of music.

Commonly known as “Writer’s Block”.

Yes, there is a cure for it and it is simple… but not easy.

However, I know that if you follow what I want to show you, you will get the hang of it.

And you will be very glad you don’t have to live without this knowledge in your life ever again.

(Yes, it’s one of those things)

I also give you a bulletproof 4 step songwriting process that you just need to follow and never have problems to get caught in the spiderweb of unfinished ideas. The best part…

You can use this for the rest of your life.

Again and again.

You don’t even need to know a lot to apply this.

Really basic music theory is more than enough to get started.

And I will make sure, that you get it.

Look at it like a manual on how to build houses and create your own blueprints.

In the beginning you may have just 2 or 3 different tools and you can build only small huts.

But you still get into it with a proper plan, because you learned how to create a blueprint using the available tools only.

Over time the tools you learn (music theory and technical skills) improve and you learn how to build bigger and better houses with better blueprints.

I will proof to you that it is not that hard right now

All you need is these 6 chords:

C, D minor, E minor, F, G and A minor.

Now take a piece of paper and write down:


and next to it place chords from the 6 chords above.

For example:

C Em Am G

NOW (not before this point) play them.

Sounded quite alright, didn’t it?

I know I know, not THE greatest song in the world, but good enough for a tribute 😉

And THAT is what this is all about.

Writing a DECENT song, fleshing it out, getting it DONE, so that you can officially say:

"I am a certified songwriter"

Certificate songwriting project

There are only 12 9 spots that I can make available, so they will probably be taken quickly.

The total price will be 197,- € and it comes with my Result-or-die-trying guarantee:

If you sign up and DON’T get over the finish line with your song before the deadline with a fully written and recorded song, I will work with you 1-on-1 until we got it.

However this comes with a few conditions:

  1. You show up to the required amount of sessions
  2. You follow my directions even if they may sound silly at first
  3. You SHOW me regular updates of your progress
  4. You don’t drop out.

This is NOT hard to fulfill, but it ensures that I can deliver on what I promise.

If that sounds like something you want, let me know by getting on the front-row list of people who I will inform first, as soon as official registration is open:

As a free bonus I will send you 3 proven strategies that will make you write more and better songs immediately.

You want to hear what other people had to say about the Songwriting Project? Watch these two videos from start to finish!

And now fill this out to be the first to know when registration opens and get VIP Materials, that only the first few will get access to.

(If you want to pay with a payment plan, talk to me directly. You can use the chat function for example)

Songwriting Project Early Birds:

SWP 2024