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Hold it right there! (Although who am I to tell you what to do...) Anyway: The Email is on the way to you and while you wait, might as well check this out:

Get your free Evergreen guitar training routine here

Answer the questions to the best of your ability and I will send you your training routine soon after you completed the questions.

I will explain how it works at the end of the survey, but it’s very simple, promise.

Just print it, hang it up on your wall and see your practicing become much more effective and fun!

Crazy Survey Funnel

Now please tell me a little bit about yourself and your current situation

Tell me a little about yourself.

If you want, you can upload a video of yourself playing something on guitar that you want to get better with.

That will massively help me give you much better guitar training routine.


If you send me a video before midnight, I will give you 2 months in my highly exclusive guitar training programs for the price of one.*

*I reserve the right to deny entry to this on a case by case basis. It's called exclusive for a reason. Should I decide to not take you on, I have something else for you though!

Hit send and you will receive your training routine via Email