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Demo Song Recording

197,00 €

Record your songs for a flat rate until we both are happy with the result

I know from personal experience that I don’t even consider contacting bands (let alone READ their ads) that don’t have any sound samples in their ads, because I want to be able to HEAR what the band is up to…

If they even know how to play…

And also to get a better impression of what is expected of ME if I decide to join.

If you are looking to start a band some day and you need band members, most likely one way you will use will be to make an announcement on

Let me tell you from personal experience… Most of the ads are horrible and you probably want to stay away from those, if you are a halfway decent experienced musician, because they are missing an important thing.

The same is true in the other direction.

If you are looking for musicians and you make a post about your project, you will be overlooked if you don’t have this one important missing piece.

DEMO RECORDINGS are an unbeatable representation of what you are offering and looking for.

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