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In This 6 Weeks Challenge I Will Make You:

Play The Heavy Riffs You Could Never Even Dream Of

But Decide Quickly, This Is Limited To Only 6 Spots

If You are into metal and rock,

know English at least close to a rally level, (no need to speak much, basic understanding is way more than enough, believe me, my Finnish is not much better)…

have an electric guitar and would love to learn how to:

Band on Stage Guitar Player Riff Forgery

Play Riffs That Melt Your Ears

don’t let this slip by You, because…

I have put together a 6-week-Challenge in which I will show you

how to create the biggest riffs

and also how to pump out riffs consistently and reliably again and again without any help from me afterwards, all on your own

Long after you finished the challenge:

During this 6-week Challenge I will take you through the steps all the heavy metal gods and rock heroes use to forge their most famous riffs.

You Will Walk Out From This With The Ability To

Dish Out The Tastiest Riffs Whenever You Want

A little bit like my student Lasse maybe?

You can apply right now and You will be the first to know when official registration launches. And if You know how to play simple power chords as in the Iron Man riff, You are good enough to

Forge Heavy And Big Riffs On Demand

The 6-Week Challenge starts on 7th January every Saturday at 14.00 o’clock near Iidesranta and You can join for 197,- €

This is guided guitar TRAINING, that means:

You will get a definite BUILT IN result.

It’s not me showing You a bunch of cool riffs.

We will actively work together to develop an actual SKILL that You take with You for a LIFETIME.

All sign ups and payments are final, BUT:

If You are *not* happy with Your results after the 6 weeks, I happily refund Your money.

(As always: Under the condition You attended every session and did what You’re told)

But FIRST apply here, so I can get to know You and find out if You are a fitting candidate.

Why apply first? Because I would like to know who I let into my house first 🙂

If You’re not sure if You’re good enough to join, send me a video of Your playing here and I will let You know

Application Riff Forge

Registration opening in…