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Get the FREE 2024 Kitaristi.Fi Calendar

I am excited to give to you the official 2024 Kitaristi.Fi Calendar.

This is simply meant to support you in your dream to achieve more with the guitar and get better.

No ads inside, pure moral support and little guitar challenges only.

(Almost) no strings attached.

I will however blow up your inbox with my semi-regular emails. But you can unsubscribe from them anytime.

No hard feelings.

But this offer is only for the first 100 people.

That is literally the whole amount I have of them!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to disclose your address once I ran out of calendars.

I have set it up so that after 100 submissions, the form self destructs itself!

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a view behind the scenes:

So no reason to hesitate at all. Fill in your details below and wait for delivery.

BEWARE: I may just show up in person with your calendar in my hands.

If you already ordered a Calendar from last year, no need to order it again, it will come to you automatically 🙂 Unless your adressed changed, then definitely let me know here!

Calendar 2024