Guitar Lessons for Grown-Ups

Fix Years Of Wasted Guitar Practice Time

Listen Up If You Are Tired Of Slow Guitar Progress

And Lame Guitar Playing And Constantly Feeling "Not Good Enough"

...And You KNOW In Your Bones That You Can DO More.

Guitarist Michael Miika Korte

I am looking for people who are so fed up with feeling nearly ashamed of their guitar playing, that they are willing to sign a deal with the devil.

… at least in theory.

Because I have got some secrets about Guitar Playing to share with you that WILL make a big difference for your playing that most “Guitar Teachers” likely have never heard of… even though they have a degree in music!

I am talking about focus-cycled speed drills, that the Finnish guitar gods use intuitively but could not explain to you even if they wanted.

Or guitar hacks like the stacking technique that make your playing sound better instantly.

Or using overcompensation to fix die-hard bad habits that you have dragged along with you for YEARS.

So if you are one of the few lucky chosen ones who make it into my guitar programs, I can virtually guarantee you that…

… YOU WILL play guitar like a maniac.

Check out how this player improved after just 2 months:

I don’t know about you but…

If I was not happy with my guitar playing, THIS is where I would want to go.

Why am I so sure that I can do all this for you?

First: I honed my guitar teaching methods and I am continuing to do so because I love to know things, no other guitar teacher will ever tell you about.

For example: What the hell is emotive guitar practice and why does it speed up your guitar progress?? (If you know, you know)

Second: I have done this for a reeaaally long time. I was THIS…

Young Michael Korte guitar player

… years old when I gave my first concert with the guitar. (I was probably 12)

And this is me now:

(The guy on the right, skip to 3:50 for a close up guitar solo… you wanna play like that too? Keep reading…)

It was a long and tough road for me to get there but it does not have to be like that for you!

Because YOU can now benefit from my experience and take the shortcuts that I wish I knew 10 or 20 years ago.

Just like my student Lasse said:

Search no longer because… pick the easy way, not the hard way.

I took the hard way for many years and I am here and this is a lot more enjoyable than the hard way.

There is no competition.

Here is his playing now:

Third: I am most likely the only guitar teacher you will find who is part of a network of world class guitar teachers and I pay thousands of Euros every year to learn from the best of the best just to follow my passion of helping guitar players to UN-STUCK themselves and finally play the things they want to play and not sound like a potato connected to a guitar amp while doing so.

Guitar Teaching Certificate Michael Korte
Guitar Teaching Certificate Michael Korte

And together we regularly exchange ideas and techniques and methods on how to help people just like you get ahead with their guitar playing.

…and get it FAST.

Why am I doing this? Because guitar has always been my companion and has been there in good times and in bad times and I think it is a fantastic outlet and refuge in every life situation, so I made my passion to my profession and I want to pass my spirit on to anyone who feels ready for it.

If you think you are missing some big secret pieces of the puzzle of your guitar playing picture, this is where you will find them… If you are ready.

I know more than you and you want to know what I know. And the best part for YOU is: I know how to TEACH it to you and not just to “show” it to you.

So if practicing feels boring and dull because you don’t see it bringing you any further:

I will make you do it.

That also means learning and working with me is not cheap, so if you are looking for the “Prisma-Version of Guitar Lessons”…

… I am not the teacher for you.

But I decided long ago to focus on bringing my students results instead of being cheap.

So if you prefer getting what you pay for over results that come with snail speed…

(It will not take long! Why not simply do it now?)

Ok ok, I get it.

Why do you think this would work for me?


I won’t EVER give up on you until you can shred the solos, play the riffs and songs that you struggle with for a long time, as long as YOU don’t give up on yourself.

I don’t care if you are 70 years old or if you have two left hands or if you never played guitar before or if you don’t know how to read notes (pfff… who needs that anyway?) or if you don’t have a musical ear.

These are ALL things that can be compensated for with proper training. You think that’s impossible? Good. The bigger the surprise you are in for.

Nobody ever showed me how to practice complicated chord changes like Miika did and now I can play the hardest chord progressions easily.” – Jarmo Toivanen (64), orthopedist

Raimo Patronen

“My name is Raimo and I’ve taken guitar classes from Miika for the past two months.

I was interested in playing the guitar, but somehow I had this feeling of being stuck, not being able to move forward, that I was in full stop and that I didn’t find any process of my own to keep progressing.

These guitar classes have helped me to progress and to get a more confident grip on my guitar playing. Meanwhile, I have discovered that my fingers have kind of improved from the beginning, when I had sausage-fingers. I think they move in a different way now and that they have brought more confidence in my playing and my speed.

I definitely recommend to take classes from Miika and to keep going to those classes and to keep practising. That will certainly give you progress.”

These are just ordinary people who made a smart decision and took their destiny into their own hands and now they can play.

Because they followed the path I laid out for them, they focused and took it step by step.

The steps are not hard, they just need to be done.

Could you do them on your own?


90 % of musical skill development is simply putting in the work.
– Miika Korte


Will you f–kin’ do it??

If you want, you can let me help you decide what is the right work and show you fun and efficient ways to get the work done.

Yes… it will still require work.

But if you have someone to show you the path…

… you will have an unfair advantage over those who try on their own!

To sum it all up, here is what you get:

So: real lessons from a real teacher, who will personally work on your case – together with you.

Now the moment of truth.

Will you actually have the balls to take the next step and contact me or will you leave this page, keep browsing youtube and waste more of your lifetime with random “lessons” along with the illusion of making progress?

If you are think you will be fine by not doing anything, ask yourself:

What will you regret more? Keeping everything as it is and never unlock your true potential or…

… making ONE life changing decision and never look back?

If you are ready…

Start with telling me more about you here:

(It will not take long! Why not simply do it now?)

P.S.: If you are not convinced yet, that’s fine. I invite you to check out other guitar teachers in the area, meet up with them and after you have done that, come see me last.

During C-19 times you can simply use your online connection to learn guitar with me.

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